Virtual Santa Visits
Have Come To Town

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A video call with Santa will make your family's Christmas a little more magical.

You’ve heard the tales, or maybe you’ve experienced it yourself. Standing in a long line with kids anxiously waiting to meet Santa and tell him in 30 seconds what they want for Christmas. You’re over the wait and your kids asking “are we up yet” but once they meet Santa it seems worth it because they talk about the experience for hours. Now, imagine lounging in your Christmas pj’s, enjoying a warm drink and watching your children giggle with delight while talking to the one and only Santa Claus. They can talk to him for five minutes, he engages with them on a personal level and they can watch the video over and over again This is the Talks with Santa experience. We offer live video calls for your whole family from the comfort of your own home.

This stress-free, personal and memorable activity will be cherished for a lifetime. Find a time that fits your family’s schedule, relax in the comfort of your home and get into the holiday spirit.

A Virtual Santa Experience

Are you looking to have a socially distant Santa visit? During a year like no other, we can help make your family’s holiday special while staying safe. The North Pole has gone digital and Santa is now offering virtual vists through video! These video calls are more personal, more fun and less stressful than traditional Santa visits. This is the best way to meet Santa and lower the risk of COVID-19.

boy video calling santa

A Personalized Santa Visit

Unlike a meet-in-person Santa, our experiences are personally tailored to your child or children. When you book a Talks with Santa, we ask for a bit of information about your child so Santa can tailor the conversation to them. This truly is a unique and personal experience that you won’t have anywhere else.

Start a new family tradition with a video call to Santa.


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Receive a link for the video in your email and follow the download instructions

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Log in to your video call at your scheduled time and enjoy the memory