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Talks with Santa is a live virtual visit with Santa for your entire household from the safety & comfort of your home. We also offer pre-recorded video messages from Santa that can be sent to a loved one.

Talks with Santa uses Google Meet, and you will only need the custom link for your meeting to join. No additional downloads are necessary.

A pre-recorded greeting from Santa is $20 and a live video call, including the video recording, is just $25. That’s almost half the cost of a mall Santa photo package.

We can only have one household join the call, but there is no limit on number of children allowed, however, it is recommended if there are more than 3 to schedule an additional call so each child has a personalized experience.

Each video call with Santa is about five minutes, if you would like more time you can book two time slots.
Pre-recorded greetings are usually one or two minutes in length.

I would suggest being prepared for your call about five minutes before your call starts to make sure you get setup.

If your child has art or a list they want to show Santa on the call they are more than welcome to do so, but Santa should have information about your child already and you shouldn’t need to bring anything

Please call Head Elf Brooke 602-334-7850 if you are having technical difficulties with your call.

A tablet or computer is preferred, but you can do this on a mobile phone as well.

Please reach out to talkswithsanta@gmail.com to start a conversation.

We hope your video call is a magical memory.
If you have any questions or concerns please email talkswithsanta@gmail.com

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